Drive-In Air Shows Prove Widely Successful

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In the current COVID-19 landscape, air shows provide an unique opportunity most other outdoor events cannot - a large venue. Often held on airports, beaches, or waterfronts, aerial events often feature ample seating due to their large green spaces. They also provide a generous amount of space for attendees to enjoy the entertainment while also social distancing.

The pandemic has forced the air show industry to re-imagine how we present our aerial events, and collectively we have established a new "drive-in" air show format where spectators attend the event in a tailgating fashion. This new format accommodates the most stringent state health guidelines and are best suited for airport venues due to the vast footprint they provide.

It is no doubt there is an incredible demand for safe entertainment and the ultimate desire of normalcy. A few recent aviation events, including local fly-ins, have reported overwhelming support and attendance. An drive-in air show held in August 2020 proved the drive-in format with outstanding customer reviews and high profit yields. Spectators appreciated the value of being able to enjoy a family-friendly event while social distancing, and taking advantage of the benefits drive-in air shows offer.

From the start, the team at Aerotainment Solutions has been at the forefront of research into this exciting new spectator experience. We have also obtained extensive data from completed drive-in air shows held within the last quarter of the 2020 season. If you or your organization is interested in the benefits a drive-in air show can provide, please contact us for details.